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We take care of the issues that our competitor’s aren’t even aware of.
Super Advisor with over 20 years experience is a leading Self-Managed


We provided expert advice and administration services for Accountants, Financial Advisers and Superannuation Fund Trustees.

“We take care of the issues that our competitor’s aren’t even aware of.”

As an independent firm we work for our clients and are not bound by mandates like those of large institutions; it is you we care for not shareholders.

Our expert staff and proven systems make running your fund easy"roach allows our clients to take control.

Having and running a SMSF can be a timely process especially with modern day complexities of complying with a legislation that is forever evolving.

Using a new leading edge double entry Asset Management Solution - “Pluto” we are able to import our clients SMSF’s financial information directly into specialist SMSF accounting software saving time and money.

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In addition we allow our clients to login to our computerised systems to track and monitor the progress of their fund accounting and compliance work through our workflow management system (WFMS).

Super Advisor puts your super in your hands.

Super Advisor puts your super in your hands.”

Whether you’re an accountant servicing SMSF clients or you have your own Self-Managed Superannuation Fund, let us do the work for you

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Super Advisor group is in the heart of Wollongong and have Advisors based in Sydney